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Programme on Training Managers and Executives
for the Enterprises of National Economy of the Russian Federation


Выберите слово/словосочетание, которое лучше других соответствует смыслу предложения, и обведите нужную букву (А, В, С, D) на листе для ответов.  Правильные ответы в конце страницы.

I.  I was crossing the street when a car ....... .
A. crashedC. was crashing
B. has crashed        D. has been crashing

II.  If you (1) ........ tomorrow, I (2) ........ you to a good diner.
A. (1) come        (2) will have treated
B. (1) came        (2) will treat
C. (1) come        (2) would treat
D. (1) come(2) will treat

1. He went to________newsagent's to buy________paper.
A. a; a piece ofB. the; aС. --; theD. --; --

2. Susan has got________short, dark hair.
A. aB. theС. --D. many

3. Lucy has________dog. It's________German Sherherd.
(1) the
(1) a
(1) --
(1) a
  (2) --
(2) a
(2) the
(2) the

4. I want to buy________jacket. I want________leather one.
A. --; theB. the; --С. --; --D. a; a

5. The area is working________its tourist industry.
A. to developB. and developС. developedD. develops

6. I'd like________my idea before________it.
A. develop fully; discuss
B. fully developing; discussing
С. to fully develop; discussing
D. to fully develop; to discuss

7. She________that most human behaviour is socially________.
A. claiming; determining
B. claims; determined
С. claim; determine
D. claims; determining

8. It is for the court________whether she is guilty.
A. determinsB. determinedС. determiningD. to determine

9. His dark hair_______almost black against the white of his naval_______uniform.
A. were; officerB. was; officer'sС. were; officers'D. was; officers

10. Battleships huddled around the dock. They took their cargos of________and_______out to sea.
A. men; machineB. men; machinesС. mans; machinesD. man; machines

11. During the war lots of families invited________for_______home-cooked meal.
A. servicemens; theB. serviceman; aС. servicemans; --D. servicemen; a

12. Other________mothers made him nervous, especially________.
A. people's; girlsB. people; girl'sС. people's; girls'D. people; girl

13. When things go wrong, you always say it's ________ ________fault.
A. somebody elseB. somebody else'sС. anybody else'sD. somebody's else

14. She concetrated________on the exam questions.
A. herselfB. herС. hersD. --

15. She looked behind________because she heard footsteps.
A. herselfB. hersС. herD. she

16. Sam felt________cold and utterly miserable.
A. himselfB. --С. himD. his

17. We________pack up soon,________?.
A. ought; oughtn't we to
B. ought to; oughtn't we to
С. ought; oughtn't we
D. ought to; oughtn't we

18. After several looks at the map she________arrive________their appointed meeting place.
A. could; inB. can; atС. could; toD. managed to; at

19. Because I know her family I did what I________for her.
A. managedB. mightС. couldD. ought to

20. Don't be sorry. You ________think of Russia half a world away here in the States
A. may notB. shouldn'tС. mustn'tD. have to

21. She greeted me________.
A. in a friendly mannerB. friendlyС. most friendlyD. more friendly

22. Julia was walking________down the street when she heard someone call her name________.
A. quick; loudlyB. quickly; loudlyС. quickly; loudD. quick; loud

23. She looked________behind her, but the street was________empty.
A. nervous; completely
B. nervously; complete
С. nervous; complete
D. nervously; completely

24. ________, the letterbox rattled________and an envelope fell softly onto the doormat.
A. sudden; gently
B. suddenly; gently
С. sudden; gentle
D. suddenly; gentle

25. The bag________the yellow stripe is________.
A. with; myB. of; myС. with; mineD. of; my

26. I'll see you________Tuesday afternoon.
A. onB. atС. inD. --

27. What time did he arrived________station?
A. onB. toС. atD. in

28. We're going________opera tomorrow night.
A. onB. atС. forD. to

29. The train is________than the coach. It si also________.
A. expensive; more fast
B. more expensive; faster
С. more expensive; fastest
D. the most expensive; faster

30. The plane is________of all means of transport. It is also________.
A. more expensive; fast
B. the most expensive; the most fast
С. expensive; faster
D. the most expensive; the fastest

31. I like living in the country. Ir's a lot of________than the city.
A. more peacefulB. peacefulС. most peacefulD. peacefully

32. The________he works, ________he becomes.
A. hard; the most successful
B. hardly; the successful
С. harder; the more successful
D. most hard; more successful

33. When he________at home she________as his secretary.
A. is; workB. was; workedС. will; workedD. was; will work

34. Here are our plans: first we________lunch; next, we________shopping for some new dresses for you.
A. --; goB. are going to; are goingС. will; will goD. will; are going

35. I________to say I________for Harvard tomorrow.
A. call; will leave
B. will call; will leave
С. call; leave
D. am calling; am leaving

36. The company________too many mistakes when it expanded into America.
A. didB. committedС. performedD. made

37. We moved the piano so that there________be room for the Christmas tree.
A. mayB. shouldС. wouldD. can

38. If I________you I________her sightseeing. She will love it.
A. were; had takenB. were; would takeС. will be; tookD. am; had taken

39. She________feel so lonely if she________many friends.
A. will not; will haveB. will not; hadС. wouldn't; hadD. wouldn't; has

40. My dog________run faster if he ________longer legs.
A. will; hadB. would; hadС. will; will haveD. would; would have

Правильные ответы

  Test of Grammar and Vocabulary

1	B		21	A
2	C		22	B
3	B		23	D
4	D		24	B
5	A		25	C
6	C		26	A
7	B		27	C
8	D		28	D
9	B		29	B
10	B		30	D
11	D		31	A
12	C		32	C
13	B		33	B
14	D		34	A
15	C		35	B
16	B		36	D
17	D		37	C
18	D		38	B
19	C		39	C
20	B		40	B

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