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Programme on Training Managers and Executives
for the Enterprises of National Economy of the Russian Federation


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Text 1

Прочитайте текст. Закончите предложения (после текста), выбрав вариант, который соответствует содержанию текста. Обведите нужную букву (А, В, С, D) на листе для ответов.


I was a teacher for eleven years. I enjoyed the classroom activities but didn't enjoy the increased administration. Like many of you, I love good holidays, good food and wine, good theatres -just a good quality life. I hated having to compromise. I hated being broken.

So one day I joined Sterling Publications selling advertising space on the telephone. Everyone said, "don't do it, it's a crazy idea". In my first year I earned £47 000. It wasn't easy. I worked very hard. Now, 12 years later, I am the General Manager of Sales. I spend most of my time teaching and motivating others. I only work from 9 to 5.30 and NEVER take work home. My large family home, my private flat and my house in France are all paid for. I never have to compromise.

If you are relatively young, based in or around London and this advertisement is of interest for you, then call me,

Philip, on: 0171-915-9677

(Adapted from the Guardian)

1. Philip ________.
A. hates his new job
B. lost interest in his new job
C. is happy with his new job
D. changed his new job for another one

2. Philip changed his job because ________.
A. he hated his previous job
B. he didn't like to work
C. he disliked administration and compromises
D. he had lost his job

3. In his new position he has to ________.
A. take work home
B. work on week ends
C. to train the staff
D. to work late hours

4. Now Philip is ________.
A. prosperous man
B. a poor man
C. an unhappy man
D. an angry man

5. This advertisement is meant for ________.
A. the General Managers of Sales
B. young people living in France
C. young residents of the London area
D. middle aged Londoners

Text 2

Прочитайте текст. Закончите предложения (после текста), выбрав вариант, который соответствует содержанию текста. Обведите нужную букву (А, В, С, Д) на листе для ответов.

"Butler" service helps to free up leisure time for busy executives

Having a butler-style personal assistant to ran your home life is the dream of many company executives. A couple of years ago James and Tom Hickman recognised a shift in society towards achieving a better balance between work and home life. The brothers saw this as a business opportunity, a chance to make money from providing busy executives with 24-hour personal assistants. As a result they formed Liberate 365, which provides a butler-style service to busy people with money to spare. Liberate 365 agents will perform a range of tasks, from collecting dry-cleaning and helping clients move house to compiling holiday itineraries, keeping a spare set of keys for emergencies and even finding and buying presents.

Tom Hickman says: "James and I realised that there was a trend within lifestyles. People were working a lot harder, yet they were becoming interested in achieving a balance between their careers and their private lives. In the 1980s people were seen as successful if they were working an 80-hour week - now they are not."

Instead, he says, people want to have a life outside work and this means freeing up their spare time. Liberate 365 provides agents who are assigned to individuals for a $500 annual fee. In return they get their life simplified.

"We have errand runners, says Hickman. "They can go out and buy jewellery, hold members' keys, or stay at home to wait for deliveries and get things fixed."

All Liberate 365's 16 agents have at least one other language. This enables them to work wonders - such as the agent who found a piece of jewellery a client had seen in the window of a jeweller in Rhodes.

When Liberate 365 started at the end of the 1990s it did not need a large sum of money to get it going. Hickman says: "It had energy and drive. A good business model should be able to start without too much capital."

From the start the company aimed to attract individual clients as well as corporate organisations. Hickman says: "For the people we are looking after we become their personal back office - they already have a back office at work."

The brothers are talking to financial institutions that are interested in offering their workers a package that includes a work/life balance. "Executives don't just want fat salaries," says Hickman.

The company has a corporate pilot scheme with SG Asset Management, the company where Nicola Horlick, one of the best - known examples of combining a business career with managing a big family, is an executive.

The Sunday Times
October 8, 2000.

1. Butler-style service means
A. waking up clients in the morning
B. freeing up clients'spare time
C. making jewellery for clients
D. searching for rifts

2. Liberate 365 was organised to help
A. elderly people
B. housewives
C. company executives
D. rich people

3. Agents of the company must know
A. at least one foreign language
B. English perfectly
C. at least one oriental language
D. the Russian language

4. Executives
A. don' t want salaries
B. want fat salaries
C. don't want fat salaries
D. want not only fat salaries

5. Liberate 365 is aimed at providing balance between one's
A. work and salary
B. education and career
C. profits and losses
D. work and home life

Text 3

Прочитайте текст. Закончите предложения (после текста), выбрав вариант, который соответствует содержанию текста. Обведите нужную букву (А, В, С, D) на листе для ответов.

Holker Hall: so much to see and do.

This year Holker Hall celebrates its 50th opening season. Why not come and celebrate with us and see what over 2.5 million visitors have enjoyed.

You will find three major attractions together here at Holker Hall.

Once owned by the Dukes of Devonshire, the Hall is now home to Lord and Lady Cavendish and their family.

The magnificent gardens are a major attraction in their own right and a peaceful oasis for the modern day visitor, including many rare plants and trees, the privately owned Motor Museum is the third major attraction. The fine collection of automobiles provides a nostalgic look at our magnificent motoring past. Children will love the Museum and so will you. Because we have so much to offer, you can spend a full day at Holker. We offer a varied range of ticket prices and tours depending on what you would like to see and do. All tickets include admission to the Gardens, Exhibitions, Adventure Playground, Picnic Area, Gift Shop and Cafe. For a full and enjoyable day out we recommend our Top Ticket which covers all attractions.

For further information please telephone (015395) 58328.

1. You will find three major________together at Holker Hall.
A. exhibitions
B. places of interest
C. gardens
D. celebrations

2. The Dukes of Devonshire________Holker Hall.
A. built
B. bought
C. possessed
D. purchased

3. A peaceful oasis for the modern day visitor________the magnificent gardens.
A. is attracted
B. included
C. is recommended
D. is provided

4. The collection of automobiles________our magnificent motoring past.
A. relies on
B. remembers
C. reacts to
D. is

5. Our Top Ticket________.
A. is offered at various prices
B. does not include admission to all attractions
C. includes admission to all attractions
D. does not include admission to Motor Museum

Text 4

Прочитайте текст. Восполните пропущенную в тексте информацию, выбрав соответствующее по содержанию предложение (после текста). Обведите нужную букву (А, В, С, D, E) на листе для ответов.

The UFO story

The letters UFO stand for Unidentified Flying Object. UFOs are mysterious flying things. If we knew what they were, they would be IFOs - Identified Flying Objects. An aeroplane is an EFO. So are satellites, kites, balloons, and meteors, all commonly mistaken for UFOs. Many people think that every case of seeing UFO must have an ordinary explanation.

(1) _____________ . The popular idea is that UFOs, if they exist, come from space. Through the centuries, people have observed unusual objects in the sky. From about 1950 these stories were given much publicity in newspapers. The number of reports grew and grew. Many were tricks (2) ____________. But there were always a few unsolved mysteries. Throughout the world, organizations appeared to investigate UFOs. (3). _____________. All kinds of different people are interested in UFOs, and the methods of searching for them vary widely. They are usually unlucky.

(4) _____________ . Some places are particularly favoured by UFO searchers. In Britain, Warminster is UFO country, and in America most UFOs have been seen in the southeastern states. Because we do not know for certain what UFOs are, it is difficult to know how to obtain scientific facts about them.

A. But there are an increasing number of scientists who are interested in UFOs and may help provide new knowledge about these phenomena.

B. But despite their research we are still unsure whether to be excited, or afraid or whether we should just laugh about UFOs.

C. Others believe that UFOs do exist and cannot readily be explained away.

D. Many turned out to be distant stars or planets.

E. UFOs do not seem to appear when one is looking for them.


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