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Programme on Training Managers and Executives
for the Enterprises of National Economy of the Russian Federation


Test of Oral Interaction
(materials for the candidate)

You are unhappy with your job and have come to the Job Centre for advice. Talk to the job adviser:

Tasks for the candidate:

explain why you have come to the Job Centre;
ask if there are any vacancies;
find out about the salary and responsibilities of the job suggested;
tell the job advisor that you are interested in the job;
ask for the address and telephone number of the company which has got the vacancy.

It's a fine winter/spring day. You are visiting your friend in his/her home town. S/he takes you around the town to show places of interest.

Ask your friend about the age of the town;
ask if your friend knows something about the history of the town;
find out what places of interest there are in the town;
choose the sights to see on the very first day of arrival;
decide on the place to start your sightseeing tour and tell your friend.

You are at the library. You need materials on the topic "Ecological problems in modern world". Talk to the librarian and ask for assistance.

Explain what you need;
ask about the latest publications on this topic;
find out which of these materials are in foreign languages;
ask the librarian about the price of photocopying services;
tell the librarian which journals you would like to borrow and how many pages to copy.

A friend of yours has got a dog which is loved by the whole family. You would also like to have a pet but you are afraid this may bring problems into your life.

ask your friend how s/he takes care of the dog;
ask him/her how often s/he feeds the dog;
find out what the biggest problems with the dog may be;
ask for your friend's assistance in choosing the dog;
tell your friend whether you are going to have a dog.

Your boss is having a birthday party. You are discussing the party with your colleague.

ask where the party will be held;
ask if all your colleagues are invited;
tell the colleague what your boss likes;
decide what present to give;
ask who will buy the present.

Your friend has just spent a holiday in Sochi. You want to go there too.

ask your friend how he/she got there;
ask how long he/she stayed there;
ask about the weather at this time of the year;
ask for some more details about the holiday (e.g., accommodation, prices);
decide if you will go to Sochi too.

You are at a travel agency. Talk to the travel agent.

tell the agent that you want to go to Britain on holiday;
ask the agent which places you should visit;
ask what kinds of special tours they offer;
find out about the costs of different tours;
tell the agent if you will go to Britain or not.

You have decided to buy a computer. You are in a computer shop.
Talk to a shop assistant.

ask what kinds of computers they have;
ask about software;
choose one of the models and ask about the price;
ask what country the computer was made in;
tell the shop assistant if you will buy this model or not.

You are at a Christmas party in an English family for the first time. You want to know more about public holidays and festivals in Britain.

ask what other public holidays and festivals are celebrated in Britain;
find out about St. Valentine's Day celebration?
ask if people traditionally give presents at Christmas in Britain;
tell your British friend/colleague about the most popular holiday in Russia;
invite him/her to celebrate this holiday with you.


Card 1
1. There is no place like home.
2. No one can do without love.
3. If I were a millionaire...

Card 2
1. A friend in need is a friend indeed.
2. Russian women make the best wives.
3. If I were the president of a large company.

Card 3
1. Two heads are better than one.
2. It's good to have a lot of friends.
3. I remember seeing a very interesting film/performance...

Card 4
1. When in Rome do as the Romans do.
2. Higher education is the key to your success.
3. I remember my last birthday party ...

Card 5
1. Better late than never.
2. My dog is my best friend.
3. Every person wants to be happy.


Card 6
1. You never know what you can do till you try.
2. The most important thing for people today is earning money.
3. Travelling abroad is the best way to spend a holiday.

Card 7
1. Time is money.
2. Every family has its own traditions.
3. The New Millenium is the era of ... .

Card 8
1. Knowledge is power.
2. Modern life is impossible without computers.
3. On a Sunday morning I would prefer ...

Card 9
1. Experience is the mother of knowledge.
2. It's never too late to change one's job.
3. It is good when the wife is the head of a family.

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