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Programme on Training Managers and Executives
for the Enterprises of National Economy of the Russian Federation


Выберите слово/словосочетание, которое лучше других соответствует смыслу предложения, и обведите нужную букву (А, В, С, D) на листе для ответов.  Правильные ответы здесь.

I.  I was crossing the street when a car ....... .
A. crashedC. was crashing
B. has crashed        D. has been crashing

II.  If you (1) ........ tomorrow, I (2) ........ you to a good diner.
A. (1) come        (2) will have treated
B. (1) came        (2) will treat
C. (1) come        (2) would treat
D. (1) come(2) will treat

1. Do you know if the bus________yet?
A. have leftB. leftС. is leavingD. has left

2. He is (1)________sure of his success (2)________I am afraid for him.
(1) such
(1) so
(1) such a
(1) so
  (2) that
(2) that
(2) that
(2) as

3. The European Union has to________its policy on immigration.
A. thinkB. solveС. rethinkD. decide

4. I can't make this old car________.
A. startB. to have startedС. to startD. to be starting

5. I wouldn't mind________to the cinema for a change.
A. to goB. goingС. I will goD. go

6. More than a third of business people forget their own mobile-phone number,________Business Direct.
A. in according withB. according withС. in accordance toD. according to

7. They don't allow________ in the workplace.
A. to smokingB. smokingС. smokeD. having a smoke

8. Every time he went away on business his children________by his mother.
A. was looked afterB. were being looked forС. were looked afterD. were looked for

9. He also_______plans to fly to New York.
A. refusedB. deniedС. cancelledD. rejected

10. Translating from a foreign language is not the same________translating from your own.
A. thatB. likeС. thanD. as

11. Much of what you say________true.
A. wereB. isС. areD. have been

12. The film was________on true events from 1994.
A. constructedB. producedС. basedD. built

13. There are few people________are fond of such detective stories.
A. whoB. theyС. whomD. which

14. The insurance company offices were on________side of the street.
A. anotherB. the otherС. otherD. the other's

15. He________of school during the Depression.
A. leftB. completedС. dropped outD. finished

16. Jane's mother has to stay in London with her daughter,________?
A. doesn't sheB. has sheС. does sheD. hasn't she

17. She explained what________.
A. is the problemB. was the problemС. the problem wasD. had been the problem

18. The amount you have to pay________your parents' income.
A. relies onB. is based onС. counts onD. depends on

19. ________he was a child his family lived in Lancaster.
A. whileB. asС. duringD. when

20. Are you sure________what you're talking about?
A. forB. inС. ofD. at

21. Work________is seen as important for this job.
A. practiceB. experienceС. employmentD. length

22. He has nothing to complain________.
A. inB. forС. onD. of

23. What are you going to have for________breakfast?
A. aB. theС. onD. of

24. A: What are you doing here?    B: I'm________John to come.
A. expectingB. waitingС. awaitingD. wishing

25. I remember________the door. But now it's open. What's happened?
A. to closeB. to have closedС. closingD. being closed

26. Police________still fighting crime.
A. wasB. isС. has beenD. are

27. The government means that everyone who wants to work can easily find________.
A. a vacancyB. a workС. a jobD. an employment

28. ________to get into Oxford University?
A. How complicated is itB. How complicated it isС. How is it complicatedD. How is complicated it

29. His friends________from him since his departure.
A. hasn't heardB. hadn't heardС. haven't heardD. didn't hear

30. He________an advanced English course at this university.
A. studiedB. tookС. learntD. followed

31. ________us a grant they gave us practical business advice on how to run the company.
A. They only gaveB. Not only did they giveС. They did not only giveD. Not did they only give

32. The number of small companies________from 56 per cent to 62 per cent since 1999.
A. has risenB. has raisedС. has been risingD. have been

33. These development methods can be________to other businesses.
A. usedB. carried outС. employedD. applied

34. These machines need________.
A. be regulatedB. regulateС. to regulateD. regulating

35. Nobody________to park in front of this restaurant.
A. is requestedB. mayС. mustD. is allowed

36. The company________too many mistakes when it expanded into America.
A. didB. committedС. performedD. made

37. I was always told________.
A. how this was unrealisticB. how unrealistic this wasС. how was this unrealisticD. how this unrealistic was

38. A great number of companies________to raise funding through the US market.
A. is tryingB. has triedС. are tryingD. tries

39. I'm afraid I haven't got________news for you.
A. manyB. fewС. a fewD. much

40. John was playing the guitar while Peter________a book.
A. was readingB. had been readingС. would be readingD. had read

Правильные ответы здесь.

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