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Programme on Training Managers and Executives
for the Enterprises of National Economy of the Russian Federation


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Text 1

Прочитайте текст. Охарактеризуйте каждое из предложений (после текста), выбрав один из следующих вариантов ответа: 1) соответствует содержанию текста (А); 2) противоречит содержанию текста (В); 3) не имеет отношения к тексту (С). Обведите нужную букву (А, В, С) на листе для ответов.


These rules help to protect your parks and you!
BEWARE OF BEARS. All food must be stored in metal bearproof boxes where provided
FIRES. Gather only dead and down wood; do not cut branches from trees. Better yet, bring wood from home or purchase it from a market. Make sure fires are out before leaving your campsite.
GROUP CAMPSITES. Call in advance for information on making reservations for group tent-camping areas in Dorst: (209) 565-3778; Sunset (209) 335-5545; Canyon View (209) 565-3762.
RESERVING CAMPSITES. Reserving campsites is prohibited in first-come, first-served campgrounds. You may not hold a site for someone who has not arrived yet. Sites not occupied for 24 hours are considered free.
LIMITS. Many campgrounds permit a maximum of one vehicle and six people per campsite. Check locally for slight variations in these limits. Parking is available nearby for extra vehicles.
CAMP IN CAMPSITES. In the park camp only in certain sites in campgrounds. Roadside camping is permitted only in the national forest.
CAMPING LIMIT. In the park, 14 days during the period from June 14 - September 14, with 30 days total per year.
ROAD VEHICLES & TRAILERS. Trailers are permitted in all but four campgrounds; check specific listings. However, many sites are not suitable for trailers. A limited number of campsites can accommodate vehicles or trailers over 30 feet long.
VEHICLE LENGTH. Absolute maximum length in these parks is 40 feet for single vehicles, 35 feet for trailers. Combination vehicles may not exceed 50 feet. Width limit is 8 feet.
For information contact the Volunteer Coordinator.

According to the rules written above:

41. There are no restrictions for reservation campsites.

42. You are not advised to buy wood for making fires in advance.

43. There are special requirements for the size of your vehicle.

44. You should be aware of dangerous wild animals.

45. You can purchase all necessary things on the territory of a campsite.

Text 2

Соотнесите каждое предложение (после текста) с содержанием одного из абзацев. Обведите нужную букву (А, В, С, Д, Е) на листе для ответов.


46. Figures drawn from America's Bureau of Labour statistics show the number of secretaries has fallen from 5.2m in 1987 to 3.4m today. In Britain the fall is estimated at 35%.

47. The spread of voice mail in the early 1990s, followed by e-mail and hand-held computers, has forced white-collar workers to look after themselves. Most managers are now computer literate and able to type. A further sharp fall in secretarial numbers is expected when voice-recognition software, introduced in 1990, is updated. It will soon be capable of taking dictation on the phone and transcribing conversations.

48. The boss is increasingly likely to be a woman and the secretary a man. Last April Robert Laird became the first British male to win the secretary of the year award since 1955. He is personal assistant to the chief executive of Aberdeen College.

49. High proportions of managerial and professional workers are women who do not expect the same tea-and-typing service as their male predecessors. "If you are just a typist, just do dictation or just answer the phone, I hate to say it but you had better start increasing your skills", said Rick Stroud, for the International Association of Administrative Professionals. It changed its name from the Professional Secretaries' Association three years ago. Many high-powered women began their careers as secretaries.

50. Male executives are being forced to work harder now. Stephen Roach, Morgan Stanley's chief economist, said: "Your secretary used to be responsible for managing your typographical errors. Now you have to master spell-check". She used to be able to screen your calls. Now outsiders get access to you through e-mail. When you were on the road, you called her once a day to get your messages. Now you spend time on the road dialling up your laptop.

The Sunday Times, September 9, 2001.

A. The number of secretarial staff in Britain and the USA has sharply decreased since the late eighties.

B. Male managers should now bear the burden of office themselves.

C. Women, as managers, require other skills of their secretaries than men-bosses do.

D. New technologies have forced managers to learn 'secretarial' skills.

E. A female secretary was awarded 'the secretary of the year' award in the year 2000.

Text 3

Прочитайте приведенные ниже объявления. Выберите правильный вариант ответа на каждый вопрос. Обведите нужную букву (А, В, С, D) на листе для ответов.


Darout Service

  • from 150 sq.m. to 1000 sq.m.
  • interior that meets customer's corporate brand and requirements
  • space for storage facilities, shops and administrative offices
  • 24 hour security
  • parking in the yard

    Special offer for international companies

    Tel. 346 8530; fax 346 8531


    Offices from 200 sq.m. to 430 sq.m. available

    for rent:   optional service, long and short terms, great neighbours

    and good friends price $ 350 per sq.m.

    for sale:   huge database, splendid location
    C O N S U L T I N G

    Call daily 335 3838
    An official member of Real Estate Association



  • newly renovated by Hermitage specialists
  • centrally located - 3 10 sq.m., 5 m. ceilings
  • Russian fireplace hall
  • large south-facing balcony
  • elegant antique furniture
  • guestroom, western-standard kitchen, guest WC
  • 24 hour security

    Price from $280

    For long- or short-term rent call 966 2371

  • 51. How many companies provide offices for sale?
    A. none
    B. one
    C. two
    D. three

    52. Which of the companies is not centrally located?
    A. Skanska Ltd and Nevsky Prostor Ltd
    B. Nevsky Prostor Ltd
    C. Darout Service
    D. Skanska Ltd ,Nevsky Prostor Ltd, Darout Service

    53. Which company offers the best services and facilities?
    A. Skanska Ltd
    B. Nevsky Prostor Ltd
    C. Darout Service
    D. Nevsky Prostor Ltd and Darout Service

    54. Which company gives discount?
    A. Darout Service
    B. Nevsky Prostor Ltd
    С. Skanska Ltd
    D. none

    55. What is the best choice to get a friendly surrounding?
    A. Darout Service
    B. Nevsky Prostor Ltd and Skanska Ltd
    C. Skanska Ltd
    D. Nevsky Prostor Ltd

    Text 4

    Прочитайте приведенный ниже текст. Выберите правильный вариант ответа на каждый вопрос. Обведите нужную букву (А, В, С, D) на листе для ответов.

    The man who wanted to see it all

    Heinz Stucke is a most extraordinary man. For the past 16 years he has been cycling round the world, not to get mentioned in The Guinness Book of Records, but simply to see the world.

    So far he has seen 105 countries and pedalled 95,000 miles. In Brazil, he met Pele. In Iran, he got typhoid. He has often been robbed and knocked down by cars nearly as often. Sometimes he has been driven mad by questions from curious onlookers, at other times driven deep into depression by loneliness.

    He has emerged from it all with remarkable sanity. Last month he was in London, living in a hotel and planning to cover the parts of the world he has not seen yet: Scotland, Ireland, Iceland, and a trans-Sahara crossing to West Africa.

    Stucke was born and brought up in a small town in eastern Westphalia, the son of a carpenter. At school he read an inspiring volume called  A German Cyclist Around the World. At 18, he cycled round much of Europe. At 20, he struck East overland to Ceylon, by ship to the eastern terminus of the Trans-Siberian railway and then back by train and bicycle to Germany, to settle for two years as apprentice toolmaker.

    Stucke has seen the world change, and shrink. Today you're regarded as just another hippie on a bicycle, Jumbo jets and mass tourism are to blame. "At one time I'd cycle into some remote village and be greeted as a messenger of goodwill. The people would give me food, and they'd be curious and talk".

    Stucke once wanted to settle down as a tour operator; now he is unsure. After 16 years on the road, on the bicycle much repaired and reinforced, he is a store of practical knowledge and advice. Japan is the best place for a traveler to find a friendly woman, Europe is the worst (perhaps because there a cyclist strikes a distinctly unromantic, even pitiful, figure). If you have to deal with the military, deal with officers ("the common soldier I often found to be ignorant"); policemen are much the same in all ranks.

    56. Which of the 'adventures' of Hienz Stucke was not mentioned in this text?
    A.  a meeting with Pele
    B.  a car accident
    C.  a serious disease
    D.  a talk with a madman

    57. Can we learn from the text that
    A.  the name of Heinz Stucke is mentioned in The Guiness Book of Records?
    B.  Heinz Stucke has pedalled hundreds of miles round Sahara?
    C.  Heinz Stucke has written a book 'A German Cyclist Around the World?
    D.  Heinz Stucke has made a journey by the Trans-Siberian railway?

    58. According to Stucke, the world has changed because of
    A.  .hippies
    B.  mass tourism
    С.  messengers of good will
    D.  curious people

    59. According to the text, Stucke now
    A.  wants to settle down
    B.  has a new bicycle
    C.  knows a lot about the world
    D.  is sure to become a tour operator

    60. Which of the following is contrary to the text?
    A.  the most friendly women live in Japan
    B.  the behaviour of a policeman depends on his rank
    C.  common soldiers are more ignorant than officers
    D.  in Europe a man on a bicycle looks like an ordinary poor man.

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