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Programme on Training Managers and Executives
for the Enterprises of National Economy of the Russian Federation


Task 1

Выберите слово/словосочетание, которое лучше других соответствует смыслу предложения, и обведите нужную букву (А, В, С, D) на листе для ответов.  Правильные ответы здесь.

I.  I was crossing the street when a car ....... .
A. crashedC. was crashing
B. has crashed        D. has been crashing

II.  If I (1) ........ you, I (2) ........ back to my boss.
A. (1) am        (2) won't talk
B. (1) would be        (2) wouldn't talk
C. (1) had been        (2) wouldn't talk
D. (1) were(2) wouldn't talk

1. John's parents ........ him to apply to Lancaster University.
A. advisedB. insistedС. madeD. suggested

2. Would you stop ........ , please?
A. to talkB. talkС. talkingD. to be talking

3. What ........ the latest news?
A. areB. have beenС. isD. were

4. The shoes need ........ .
A. polishingB. be polishedС. being polishedD. to polish

5. Come in, Peter. Would you like ........ tea?
A. anyB. littleС. moreD. some

6. A: I haven't got any paper left.

B: ........ .
A. I also haven'tB. Neither have IС. Nor I haveD. I've got none too

7. Unfortunately, I don't know the man. If I (1) ........ him, I (2) ........ him about it now.
A. (1) know(2) will ask
B. (1) knew(2) would ask
С. (1) knew(2) would have asked
D. (1) have known(2) would ask

8. Peter (1) ........ English for five years, and at last he (2) ........ the tenses.
A. (1) have learnt(2) has mastered
B. (1) has been learning(2) has mastered
С. (1) is learning(2) has mastered
D. (1) has been learning(2) has been mastering

9. He met her quite often ........ both of them were at university.
A. untilB. beforeС. whenD. during

10. I ........ her to come at 10 o'clock but she didn't.
A. waitedB. cancelledС. expectedD. corresponded

11. Didn't you ........ the guitar?
A. use to playB. use playingС. used to playingD. use to playing

12. I'm not ........ in the proposal.
A. interestingB. interestedС. interestD. interests

13. Peter was the first to finish ........ the passage.
A. readingB. to readС. readD. the reading

14. A: Must I do it now?

B: No, you ........ . You can do it next week.
A. may notB. mustn'tС. needn'tD. can't

15. John arrived while I ........ a bath.
A. was havingB. had hadС. hadD. had been having

16. We haven't got ........ bread left.
A. someB. manyС. a great number ofD. much

17. A: Have you got any problems?

B: Yes. The people in the pub ........ getting very impatient.
A. isB. wereС. has beenD. are

18. If you (1) ........ him, he (2) ........ you.
A. (1) ask(2) will help
B. (1) will ask(2) shall help
С. (1) have asked(2) helps
D. (1) ask(2) help

19. Peter said that he ...... for the firm for more than ten years and was going to look for a job with another company.
A. workedB. had workedС. was workingD. would work

20. Peter is ........ boy in the class.
A. clevererB. the more cleverС. cleverestD. the cleverest

21. When in doubt, ........ the truth.
A. askB. respondС. talkD. tell

22. I advised him ........ a doctor.
A. to seeB. to have seenС. seeingD. see

23. It is rather difficult to study at this library. The people around me always ........ a lot of noise.
A. doB. performС. makeD. cause

24. I am glad we went to that restaurant. The food was excellent and quite ........ .
A. similarB. cheapС. unlikeD. dear

25. There ........ a lot of interesting books on sale a week ago.
A. wereB. has beenС. wasD. have been

26. When I begin speaking, she does not let me ........ a sentence.
A. endB. finishС. stopD. break

27. Peter swims ........ a fish.
A. asB. likeС. as likeD. alike

28. A: ........ I borrow your pen?

B: Yes, of course. Here you are.
A. wouldB. mustС. mayD. should

29. A: Do you know this man?

B: Yes, I ........ him for years.
A. has knownB. knewС. knowD. have known

30. Why are you ........ me that way? Have I done something wrong?
A. consideringB. seeingС. looking atD. noticing

31. When John returned to his hotel, his room ........ .
A. was still being cleanedB. had already cleanedС. was still cleanedD. had been cleaned yet
32. The air was ........ . . We were able to see a boat far away.
A. clearB. thickС. freshD. bright

33. As it was the last day of the term, the teacher let his pupils ........ home early.
A. to goB. wentС. goD. gone

34. By the year 2010, many things we now consider to be ........ will not be around any more.
A. carefulB. necessaryС. compactD. generous

35. If I (1) ........ a million pounds, I (2) ........ travelling round the world. But I've got only a small balance in the bank.
A. (1) have(2) will go
B. (1) have(2) would have gone
С. (1) had(2) would go
D. (1) had had(2) would go

36. The programme consists ........ three components.
A. withB. ofС. fromD. in

37 ........ she was tired, she went to work.
A. due toB. despiteС. althoughD. because

38. John usually ....... five days a week from 9 till 5.
A. has workedB. worksС. is workingD. has been working

Task 2

Закончите следующие предложения. Расставьте слова/словосочетания в правильном порядке, обозначив каждое из них на листе для ответов соответствующей буквой (А, В, С, D, E).


I.  Peter wondered if ........ .
A. to do wellB. heC. be ableD. at the examE. would

39. John asked Peter when ........ .
A. wouldB. for the jobC. beD. heE. interviewed

40. Where ........ .......?
A. yourB. all this timeС. haveD. beenE. friends

Правильные ответы здесь.

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