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Programme on Training Managers and Executives
for the Enterprises of National Economy of the Russian Federation


Text 4

Прочитайте текст. Восполните пропущенную в тексте информацию, выбрав соответствующее по содержанию предложение (после текста). Обведите нужную букву (A, В, С. D, Е) на листе для ответов.  Правильные ответы здесь.

The UFO story

The letters UFO stand for Unidentified Flying Object.

UFOs are mysterious flying things. If we knew what they were, they would be IFOs - Identified Flying Objects. An aeroplane is an IFO. So are satellites, kites, balloons, and meteors, all commonly mistaken for UFOs. Many people think that every case of seeing UFO must have an ordinary explanation. (56)............. The popular idea is that UFOs, if they exist, come from space. Through the centuries, people have observed unusual objects in the sky. From about 1950 these stones were given much publicity in newspapers. The number of reports grew and grew. Many were tricks (57).............. But there were always a few unsolved mysteries. Throughout the world, organizations appeared to investigate UFOs. (58)..................... All kinds of different people are interested in UFOs, and the methods of searching for them vary widely. They are usually unlucky. (59)..................

Some places are particularly favoured by UFO searchers. In Britain, Warminster is UFO country, and in America most UFOs have been seen in the south-eastern states.

Because we do not know for certain what UFOs are, it is difficult to know how to obtain scientific facts about them. (60)........................

a). But there are an increasing number of scientists who are interested in UFOs and may help provide new knowledge about these phenomena.
b). But despite their research we are still unsure whether to be excited, or afraid or whether we should just laugh about UFOs.
c). Others believe that UFOs do exist and cannot readily be explained away.
d). Many turned out to be distant stars or planets.
e). UFOs do not seem to appear when one is looking for them.


Примерные темы для устного обсуждения

Card 71. Time is money.
2. Every family has its own traditions.
3. The New Millenium is the era of...
Card 81. Knowledge is power.
2. Modern life is impossible without computers.
3. On a Sunday morning I would prefer ...
Card 91. Experience is the mother of knowledge.
2. It's never too late to change one's job.
3. It is good when the wife is the head of a family.


Thank you. This is the end of the Test of Oral Interaction. I hope you have a good day. / (Good-bye).

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