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Programme on Training Managers and Executives
for the Enterprises of National Economy of the Russian Federation


Выберите слово / словосочетание, которое лучше других соответствует смыслу предложения, и обведите нужную букву (А, В, С, D) на листе для ответов.  Правильные ответы здесь.


I.  I was crossing the street when a car ....... .
A. crashedC. was crashing
B. has crashed        D. has been crashing

II.  If you (1) ....... tomorrow, I (2) ....... you to a good dinner.
A. (1) come (2) will have treated        C. (1) come (2) would treat
B. (1)came (2) will treatD. (1) come (2) will treat

1. His family lived in Lancaster ....... he was a child.
A. when        C. as
B. untilD. during

2. Nowadays, people want a better ....... between work and home life.
A. balanceC. mixture
B. combining        D. mix

3. The flat badly needs ........ .
A. to cleanC. being cleaned
B. be cleaned        D. cleaning

4. We were not ....... at the news.
A. surpriseC. surprised
B. surprises        D. surprising

5. Meg was the first to finish ....... her essay.
A. to write        C. writing
B. writeD. the writing

6. Christine came in while I ....... on the phone.
A. was talkingC. talked
B. had talked        D. had been talking

7. Last Saturday there ....... some Victorian furniture on sale.
A. had beenC. was
B. has been        D. were

8. Basil has a memory ....... an elephant.
A. as        C. as like
B. likeD. alike

9. A: You haven't met John, have you?  -  B: Yes, I have. In fact, I ....... him for years.
A. has known        C. know
B. knewD. have known

10. Computers ....... play chess for many years now.
A. have been able to        C. have had the ability
B. couldD. can

11. He usually got up ....... 9.30, had breakfast and went to work.
A. atC. jn
B. in        D. for

12. It is very interesting to see tea tasters at ....... .
A. practiceC. work
B. action        D. operation

13. The Trade Centre is situated on the other ....... of the river.
A. shoreC. coast
B. border        D. bank

14 ....... the houses, shops and restaurants, there is a luxury hotel there.
A. More thanC. In addition to
B. As well        D. Apart

15. The ....... in Southern Greece is very beautiful indeed.
A. territoryC. setting
B. scenery        D. land

16. July is not as ....... as June.
A. rainyC. rainier
B. rain        D. more rainy

17. When her brother ....... into the room she ....... on the phone.
A. (1) came (2) talkC. (1) was coming (2) had talked
B. (1) had come (2) had been talking        D. (1) came (2) was talking

18. Alice is ....... girl in the team.
A. cleverestC. the most clever
B. the cleverer        D. the cleverest

19. They tried to avoid ....... politics.
A. talkC. talking
B. to be talking        D. to talk

20. John crossed the road and then stopped ....... at the poster.
A. lookingC. look
B. to be looking         D. to look

21. Now everyone ....... what they are supposed to do.
A. have known        C. knew
B. knowsD. has known

22. When examinations are in progress, ....... must keep quiet.
A. someoneC. some
B. everyone        D. no-one

23. She will send you a fax as soon as she ....... your letter.
A. getsC. will get
B. got        D. would get

24. The police silently approached ....... the house and opened the door.
A. byC. in
B. ——        D. into

25. Ann is very proud ....... her brother.
A. ofC. for
B. in        D. about

26. Try to find ....... answer to the problem.
A. ——C. an
B. a        D. right

27. She has been working on the report for ....... hours.
A. littleC. a lot
B. a few        D. too much

28. I hear you are ....... money to buy your own car.
A. savingC. gathering
B. collecting        D. finding

29. I ....... to attend classes again when the doctor says that I am healthy.
A. shouldC. will be able
B. may        D. must

30. The first traffic signal was ....... by a railway engineer.
A. inventedC. originated
B. created        D. started

31. At the moment, university ....... and graduates make up less then a third of the total population of Australia.
A. pupilsC. students
B. trainees        D. learners

32. In Australia most children ....... primary school from the age of five.
A. attendC. go
B. assist        D. walk

33. He has never dealt ....... such problems before.
A. forC. with
B. in        D. to

34. I am not going to jump on every mistake you ....... .
A. perform        C. make
B. doD. have

35. Apart from teaching what other careers have you ....... ?
A. received        C. had
B. gotD. reached

36. The boss asked her ....... that secret information to anyone else.
A. not to giveC. not give
B. don't give        D. give no

37. There have not been many questions to the speaker, ....... .
A. has thereC. do there
B. haven't it        D. have there

38. She explained what ....... .
A. the problem isC. the problem was
B. was the problem        D. had been the problem

39. Because she didn't like the pair of black shoes, she asked for
A. another shoesC. others shoes
B. the others ones        D. another pair

40. The girl ....... the wall professionally.
A. climbedC. crawled
B. balanced        D. walked

Правильные ответы здесь.

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