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Programme on Training Managers and Executives for the Enterprises of National Economy of the Russian Federation


Test of Reading

The right answers are at the bottom of the page.

Text 1.
Прочитайте текст. Закончите предложения (после текста), выбрав вариант, который соответствует содержанию текста. Обведите нужную букву (А, В, С) на листе для ответов.

Pauline Ortiz is a senior officer for a banking union, and a graduate - life was not always so good. She left school at 17 and by 31 she was divorced with two children and no job. Then she heard about Ruskin.

Founded in 1899 Ruskin was the first residential college for working people and for those who had little or no educational opportunity when young.

Every autumn since then, men and women have arrived at the college from a variety of communities and backgrounds, ethnic, industrial, and trade union, to study full-time for the first time in their adult lives.

They will leave with a degree and go on to further study, on return home to make their careers. Few have any recognised educational qualifications when they arrive.

All have a common interest in a society and a desire to improve it. Entry to Ruskin is by interview and is only for students who are 20 and over.

The college is residential and full state grants are available.

If you are motivated to improve society this is your opportunity to gain the education you always wanted - but missed.

Think of where it could get you.

Send for a prospectus now or ring 01865 310713.

The Guardiem June 1999

41. Ruskin College is an institution for

A. military education
B. distance education
C. full-time higher education
D. post-graduate studies

42. To apply for a course you

A. must be a teenager
B. must be not younger than twenty
C. may be a person of any age
D. must be in your early twenties

43. The number of people studying at Ruskin

A. is unlimited
B. is more than 30
C. is not stated in the text
D. depends on communities' demands

44. Ruskin college is for

A. people without degrees
B. divorced people
C. bankers
D. local residents

45. People come to the college to

A. get a state grant
B. learn more about Ruskin
C. join a trade union
D. get a degree.


Text 2.
Прочитайте приведенные ниже объявления. Выберите правильный вариант ответа на каждый из вопросов, приведенных после текста. Обведите нужную букву (A, В, C, D) на листе для ответов.

Bocconi University School of Management

Management is an art.

Choosing the right Masters program meants carefully weighing the value of such an investment, crucial in a management career.

And where to go for a Masters is a tricky decision that can have a major effect on your future.

SDA Bocconi is strategically located in the heart of Milan, one of Europe's premiere financial and cultural centers.

Our two International Masters - the MBA and the Master of International Economics and Management (MIEM) - can offer you the richest possible international experience, along with the best qualities of Italian management: creativity, entrepreneurialism, flexibility, and close attention to relationships and processes.

Our programs are designed for outstanding graduates with some work experience and an international outlook, who seek to undertake demanding and solid training to enable them to take charge and move ahead in their careers.

Milan - Italy

Leti-Lovanium School of Management

International Management

The Leti-Lovanium MBA programme first launched in 1990 provides a unique opportunity for Pull- and part-time advanced studies in management in a stimulating multinational environment. It is rated highly by employers and is known for its rigorous Standards and approach. This is a stepping stone for graduates to a career in management with an international dimension.

tel - 7(812)234-0212   e-mail: office@Lovanium.eltech.m

tel - 7(812)234-1391   Web site: http://Lovanium. eltech.ru

Meet us and find out more

The University of Durham MBA comes in three AMBA accredited study options -Full-Time, Part-Time or Distance Learning. Come and meet us at the World MBA tour events in St. Petersburg (23rd October 2001, Hotel Astoria) or Moscow (20th October 2001, Radisson Slavjanskaya Hotel). To find out more about us and our courses, key in www.dur.ac.uk/udbs or call - 44 191 487 1422 to receive a brochure.

University of Durham
Investing in excellence in teaching and research

Stockholm School of Economics in St. Petersburg
International Executive MBA

A two-year program at Sweden's oldest economics university: 15 modules in Russia and Sweden, an international faculty and a career development center. The program, which is accredited by EQUIS, is ranked by The Financial Times as No. 8 in Europe and No. 9 in the world in executive education.

Entry requirements:  completed higher education, good command of English, work experience.

Admission procedure:  testing (mathematics, logic, English), interview.

Application deadline: October 31, 2001

Tel:- 7 (812)320-4800  e-mail: ofnce@sseru.org
Tel:- 7 (812)320-4801  www.sseru.org

St-Petersburg Press. September 2001

46. How many Russia-based departments of business schools advertise their services?

A. none
B. two
C. one
D. four

47. Where is the university which is reported to provide a correspondence course for its MBA students?

A. Italy
B. Sweden
C. Britain
D. Russia

48. Applications are to be sent in by the end of October, 2001 at:

A. University of Durham
B. all the institutions
C. Bocconi University
D. Stockholm School of Economics

49. Where can one get more than one Masters degree?

A. Bocconi University School of management
B. University of Durham Business School
C. Leti-Lovanium School of Management
D. Stockholm School of Economics

50. What is the language of teaching in the educational institutions?

A. English
B. Swedish
C. Russian
D. not stated in the text.


Text 3.
Прочитайте приведенные ниже объявления. Выберите правильный вариант ответа на каждый вопрос. Обведите нужную букву (A, В, C, D) на листе для ответов.

ELLIOT'S Restaurant
64 Market Street, Lancaster Tel: 01524 36092
For the very best food in a warm family-run atmosphere.
The largest choice in the city centre

Soup of the Day Fish Vegetarian Refreshments
Tuesday-Sunday   Lunch 11.30 am to 2.30 pm
Dinner 7 to 10 pm

Located in an elegant Georgian street away
from the noise of the city centre

20 Lower Church Street
Telephone: 0152432339
Established 1931
Lancaster's Traditional Fish & Chips
Speciality Seafood, Salads, Jacket Potatoes, Steaks
Smoking and Non-Smoking Dining Rooms
Monday - Sunday    Breakfast & Lunch    8 am- 2 pm

Inexpensive Fresh Food
59 Market Street, Lancaster
Telephone: 01524 844707
Non-smoking, licensed. Food to any taste.
Enjoy a freshly prepared meal in pleasant surroundings -
children welcome.
Monday-Thursday 11.30am-3pm.  5pm-9.30pm
Friday 11.30am-3pm.  5pm-10pm
Saturday 9.30am-10pm.


66 Penny Street, Lancaster Telephone: 01524 843764
"Something Different"

Speciality Cappuccino Coffee & Teas
Homemade Cakes & Biscuits

Situated in a traffic-free area, tables are available outdoors during summer months creating a 'Continental' atmosphere in the heart of Lancaster

Open through the year Monday - Sunday 11am - 4 pm.

51. How many restaurants and cafes are situated in one street?

A. none
B. two
C. three
D. four

52. Where can you eat fish?

A. nowhere
B. in Joseph's Restaurant and Lancastrian Tea Room
C. in Tom Woodhouse, Elliot's Restaurant and Joseph's Restaurant
D. everywhere

53. Where can you eat meat?

A. in any of the restaurants
B. nowhere
C. in Elliot's Restaurant and Lancastrian Tea Room
D. in Joseph's Restaurant and Tom Woodhouse

54. Which restaurant is situated away from the centre?

A. Lancastrian Tea Room
B. Joseph's Restaurant
C. Elliot's Restaurant
D. Tom Woodhouse

55. Which of the restaurants is closed on Sunday?

A. Tom Woodhouse
B. Joseph's Restaurant
C. Joseph's Restaurant and Elliot's Restaurant
D. none.


Text 4.
Прочитайте текст. Выберите правильный вариант ответа на каждый из вопросов, приведенных после текста. Обведите нужную букву (A, B, C, D, E) на листе для ответов.

Do You Need a Job?

When I first came to Gainesville, I realized that it is a relatively inexpensive place to live, but I still needed to find a job so I wouldn't have to worry about spending money when going out. Even though my parents helped support me, it was never enough. I felt that a job would give me spending money and allow me to be independent. While there are plenty of things to do without spending money, in order to experience college life to the fullest, it helps to have some extra cash. I have worked throughout college, both on the territory of the university and in town, and have found that there are a lot of jobs in Gainesville for students who may be interested in finding a job that relates to their field of study. As I specialize in advertising, I wanted to find a job that relates to the field, so I looked around and got a job at one of the campus radio stations. I thought that if I had to work while going to university, it might as well be interesting.

One of my friends, a former pre-medical student, worked at Shands Hospital while at university so that he could make some extra money while learning something valuable. He realized that he had no wish to go into any aspect of the medical field and he decided to try something else. Another friend of mine was interested in theatre and got a job at the Hippodrome State Theatre. She said she wasn't sure if theatre was a good field to study. Since she has been working, she has grown to love the theatrical field and would like to someday become an actress.

All of us have gained valuable experience from our jobs. A job can help you find out if you want to go into the field, or if you'll absolutely hate it.

If you are interested in getting a good job on the territory of the university or in town, you need to stop by the Student Employment Office in Criser Hall before the semester begins.

The College Student's Guide to Gainesville, USA, 1994

56. Why did the author decide to get a job?

A. because prices were high in Gainesville
B. because he wanted to specialize in advertising
C. because his parents didn't help him with money
D. because he wanted to have some money for entertainment

57. Where has the author had jobs during his university course?

A. he has worked quite near the university buildings
B. he has had jobs in different places throughout college
C. he has worked far from the university
D. he has worked on the university grounds

58. What kind of job did the author look for?

A. a job that would be connected with his future profession
B. a job that would be rather easy to do
C. a job that would pay well
D. a job that would give him an opportunity to attend university regularly

59. How did work during the university course help two of the author's friends?

A. it helped them to make decisions about their future professions
B. they understood that they were no good for the careers they were going to study for
C. it helped them to be successful in their careers
D. they realized that they were interested in the careers they had chosen

60. What is the central idea of the article?

A. there are a lot of jobs that are suitable for students on their university course
B. students should look for and take interesting jobs
C. work experience can be important for choosing a student's future profession
D. work during their university course helps students to make some extra money.

Answer Key

Text 1Text 2Text 3Text 4
41. C.46. B.51. B.56. D.
42. B.47. C.52. C.57. B.
43. C.48. D.53. D.58. A.
44. A.49. A.54. D.59. A.
45. D.50. D.55. B.60. C.
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