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Test of Grammar and Vocabulary

Task 1.
Выберите слово/словосочетание, которое лучше других соответствует смыслу предложения, и обведите нужную букву (А, В, С, D) на листе для ответов.

I. I was crossing the street when a car ........ .
A. crashed
В. has crashed
С. was crashing
D. has been crashing

II. If I (1) ........ you, I (2) ........ back to my boss.
A. (1) am (2) won't talk
B. (1) would be (2) wouldn't talk
C. (1) had been (2) wouldn't talk
D. (1) were (2) wouldn't talk

(См. правильные ответы
в конце теста.)

1. John usually ........ five days a week from 9 till 5.
A. has worked
B. works
C. is working
D. has been working

2. ........ she was tired, she went to work.
A. Due to
B. Despite
C. Although
D. Because

3. The programme consists ........ three components.
A. with
B. of
C. from
D. in

4. If I (1) ........ a million pounds, I (2) ........ travelling round the world. But I've got only a small balance in the bank.
A. (1) have (2) will go
B. (1) have (2) would have gone
C. (1) had (2) would go
D. (1) had had (2) would go

5. By the year 2010, many things we now consider to be ........ will not be around any more.
A. careful
B. necessary
C. compact
D. generous

6. As it was the last day of the term, the teacher let his pupils ........ home early.
A. to go
B. went
C. go
D. gone

7. The air was ........ . We were able to see a boat far away.
A. clear
B. transparent
C. light
D. bright

8. When John returned to his hotel, his room ........ .
A. was still being cleaned
B. had already cleaned
C. was still cleaned
D. had been cleaned yet

9. Why are you ........ me that way? Have I done something wrong?
A. considering
B. seeing
C. looking at
D. noticing

10. A: Do you know this man?
B: Yes, I ........ him for years.
A. has known
B. new
C. know
D. have known

11. A: ........ I borrow your pen, please?
B: Yes, of course. Here you are.
A. would
B. shall
C. could
D. should

12. Peter swims ........ a fish.
A. as
B. like
C. as like
D. alike

13. When I begin speaking, she does not let me ........ a sentence.
A. end
B. finish
C. stop
D. break

14. There ........ a lot of interesting books on sale a week ago.
A. were
B. has been
C. was
D. have been

15. I am glad we went to that restaurant. The food was excellent and quite ……. .
A. similar
B. cheap
C. unlike
D. dear

16. It is rather difficult to study at this library. The people around me always ........ a lot of noise.
A. do
B. perform
C. make
D. cause

17. I advised him ........ a doctor.
A. to see
B. to have seen
C. seeing
D. see

18. When in doubt, ........ the truth.
A. ask
B. respond
C. talk
D. tell

19. Peter is ........ boy in the class.
A. cleverer
B. the more clever
C. cleverest
D. the cleverest

20. Peter said that he ...... for the firm for more than ten years and was going to look for a job with another company.
A. worked
B. had worked
C. was working
D. would work

21. If you (1) ........ him, he (2) ........ you.
A. (1) ask (2) will help
B. (1) will ask (2) shall help
C. (1) have asked (2) helps
D. (1) ask (2) help

22. A: Have you got any problems?
     B: Yes. The people in the pub ........ getting very impatient.
A. is
B. were
C. has been
D. are

23. We haven't got ........ bread left.
A. some
B. many
C. a great number of
D. much

24. John arrived while I ........ a bath.
A. was having
B. had had
C. had
D. had been having

25. A: Must I do it now?
     B: No, you ........ . You can do it next week.
A. may not
B. mustn't
C. needn't
D. can't

26. Peter was the first to finish ...... the passage.
A. reading
B. to read
C. read
D. the reading

27. I'm not ........ in the proposal.
A. interesting
B. interested
C. interest
D. interests

28. Didn't you ........ the guitar?
A. use to play
B. use playing
C. used to playing
D. use to niavine

29. I ........ her at 10 o'clock, but she didn't come.
A. waited
B. cancelled
C. expected
D. corresponded

30. He met her quite often ........ both of them were at university.
A. until
B. before
C. when
D. during

31. Peter (1) ........ English for five years, and at last he (2)........ the tenses.
A. (1) have learnt (2) has mastered
B. (1) has been learning (2) has mastered
C. (1) is learning (2) has mastered
D. (1) has been learning (2) has been mastering

32. Unfortunately, I don't know the man. If I (1) ........ him, I (2) ........ him about it now.
A. (1) know (2) will ask
В. (1) knew (2) would ask
C. (1) knew (2) would have asked
D. (1) had known (2) would ask

33. A: I haven't got any paper left.
     B: ........ .
A. I also haven't
B. Neither have I
C. Nor I have
D. I've got none too

34. A: Come in, Peter. Would you like .......... tea?
A. any
B. little
C. more
D. some

35. The shoes need ........ .
A. polishing
B. be polished
C. being polished
D. to polish

36. What ........ the latest news?
A. are
B. B. have been
C. is
D. were

37. Would you stop ......... please?
A. to talk
B. talk
C. talking
D. to be talking

38. John's parents ........ him to apply to Lancaster University.
A. advised
B. insisted
C. made
D. suggested

Task 2.
Закончите следующие предложения. Расставьте слова/словосочетания в правильном порядке, обозначив каждое из них на листе для ответов соответствующей буквой (А, В, C, D).

Example: Peter wondered if ........ . (См. правильные ответы в конце теста.)
A. to do well B. he C. be able D. in the exam E. would






39. John asked Peter when ………….. .

A. would B. for the job C. be D. he E. interviewed











40. Where ………… ?

A. your B. all this time C. have D. been E. friends











Test of Reading

Text 1.
Прочитайте текст. Закончите предложения (после текста), выбрав вариант, который соответствует содержанию текста. Обведите нужную букву (А, В, С, D) на листе для ответов.

Pauline Ortiz is a senior officer for a banking union, and a graduate - life was not always so good. She left school at 17 and by 31 she was divorced with two children and no job. Then she heard about Ruskin.
Founded in 1899 Ruskin was the first residential college for working people and for those who had little or no educational opportunity when young.
Every autumn since then, men and women have arrived at the college from a variety of communities and backgrounds, ethnic, industrial, and trade union, to study full-time for the first time in their adult lives.
They will leave with a degree and go on to further study, on return home to make their careers. Few have any recognised educational qualifications when they arrive.
All have a common interest in a society and a desire to improve it. Entry to Ruskin is by interview and is only for students who are 20 and over.
The college is residential and full state grants are available.
If you are motivated to improve society this is your opportunity to gain the education you always wanted - but missed.
Think of where it could get you.
Send for a prospectus now or ring 01865 310713.

The Guardian June 1999

41. Ruskin College is an institution for
A. military education
B. distance education
C. full-time higher education
D. post-graduate studies

42. To apply for a course you
A. must be a teenager
B. must be not younger than twenty
C. may be a person of any age
D. must be in your early twenties

43. The number of people studying at Ruskin
A. is unlimited
B. is more than 30
C. is not stated in the text
D. depends on communities' demands

44. Ruskin college is for
A. people without degrees
B. divorced people
C. bankers
D. local residents

45. People come to the college to
A. get a state grant
B. learn more about Ruskin
C. join a trade union
D. get a degree

Text 2.
Прочитайте текст. Закончите предложения (после текста), выбрав вариант, который соответствует содержанию текста. Обведите нужную букву (А, В, С, D) на листе для ответов.

The wonderful thing about mobile phones is that wherever you are, whatever you are doing, you can keep them switched off so no one will bother you. If you do use them, you can make calls from virtually anywhere. For example, you can call the office from underneath your blanket and say you are on the way to your partner's firm.
There are two places where everybody automatically hates you if your mobile rings - restaurants and funerals. In both cases it's best to give the impression that the call is so important that you absolutely had to answer it.
When mobile phones first arrived, the only people to have them were estate agents or drug dealers. Now respectable people use them.
However, even if you are a district nurse and your mobile rings in public, people will still assume that you are an estate agent, drug dealer, or both. Which is. a shame because, for many working women, the mobile phone is vital for their safety and independence.
For men, on the other hand, having a mobile phone is a chance to pretend you spend a lot of time working on oil rigs or other tough, remote locations, even If it rings when you are in your local shop.
Of course, mobile phones are especially useful for anyone who spends a lot of time away from the office. Most bosses, for example.
Many business people use their phones in their cars. Of course, this is strictly forbidden unless you have a "hands-free" set. Men tend to ignore this rule because they are used to driving virtually hands free while, for example, explaining how the goal in extra time was scored.

Adapted from The Guardian Weekly

46. The main purpose of this passage is
A. to tell the history of mobile phones
B. to describe how mobile phones are used in business
C. to tell a humorous story of how mobile phones are sometimes used
D. to describe the decline of the traditional means of communication

47. When mobile phones first appeared, they were used by
A. workers and clerks
B. people doing all kinds of business
C. working women and housewives
D. owners of restaurants

48. According to the passage, men who have a mobile phone want people to think that
A. they are working in far-off places
B. they have a lot of friends
C. they have a higher social position
D. they are estate agents or drug dealers

49. We can understand from the passage that people who have a "hands free" set can
A. drive with two hands
B. drive with no hands
C. ignore driving rules
D. can drive faster

50. The tone of the passage is
A. sarcastic and bitter
B. neutral and factual
C. light and ironical
D. joyful and merry

Text 3.
Прочитайте приведенные ниже объявления. Выберите правильный вариант ответа на каждый вопрос. Обведите нужную букву (А, В, С, D) на листе для ответов.

ELLIOT'S Restaurant

64 Market Street, Lancaster
Tel: 01524 36092

For the very best food in a warm family-run atmosphere.
The largest choice in the city centre.

Soup of the Day Fish
Vegetarian Refreshments

Tuesday- Sunday

Lunch 11.30am to 2.30pm

Dinner 7 to 10 pm


Located in an elegant Georgian street away from the noise of the city centre
20 Lower Church Street
Telephone: 01524 32339
Established 1931

Lancaster's Traditional Fish & Chips
Speciality Seafood, Salads, Jacket Potatoes, Steaks
Smoking and Non-Smoking Dining Rooms

Monday- Sunday

Breakfast & Lunch 8am - 2pm


Inexpensive Fresh Food
59 Market Street, Lancaster
Telephone: 01524 844707

Non-smoking, licensed.
Food to any taste.
Enjoy a freshly prepared meal in pleasant surroundings -
children welcome.

Monday-Thursday11.30am-3pm, 5pm-9.30pm
Friday11.30am-3pm, 5pm-10pm
Saturday9.30am - 10pm
66 Penny Street, Lancaster
Telephone: 01524 843764

"Something Different"

Speciality Cappuccino Coffee &Teas
Homemade Cakes & Biscuits Pastries

Situated in a traffic-free area, tables are available outdoors during summer months creating a 'Continental' atmosphere in the heart of Lancaster

Open through the year
Monday - Sunday

11 am - 4 pm

51. How many restaurants and cafes are situated in one street?
A. none
B. two
C. three
D. four

52. Where can you eat fish?
A. nowhere
B. in Joseph's Restaurant and Lancastrian Tea Room
C. in Tom Woodhouse, Elliot's Restaurant and Joseph's Restaurant
D. everywhere

53. Where can you eat meat?
A. in any of the restaurants
B. nowhere
C. in Elliot's Restaurant and Lancastrian Tea Room
D. in Joseph's Restaurant and Tom Woodhouse

54. Which restaurant is situated away from the centre?
A. Lancastrian Tea Room
B. Joseph's Restaurant
C. Elliot's Restaurant
D. Tom Woodhouse

55. Which of the restaurants is closed on Sunday?
A. Tom Woodhouse
B. Joseph's Restaurant
C. Joseph's Restaurant and Elliot's Restaurant
D. none

Text 4.
Прочитайте текст. Охарактеризуйте каждое из предложений (после текста), выбрав один из следующих вариантов ответа:
1) соответствует содержанию текста (А);
2) противоречит содержанию текста (В);
3) не имеет отношения к тексту (С).
Обведите нужную букву (А, В, С) на листе для ответов.

Guernsey Holidays

As the Liberation Day fireworks illuminated the night sky over St Peter Port, the capital of Guernsey, it was hard to imagine that German troops once occupied this idyllic island. The 9 May celebration which marks the end of Nazi rule during the Second World War is well worth seeing, bi the island provides an ideal location for a weekend break whenever you visit.
With its impressive cliffs, small lovely villages and sandy beaches, Guernsey is South West England in miniature. As the island only covers 25 square miles, it is possible to enjoy at least a taste of everything Guernsey has to offer in a long weekend.
The most popular hotel is the St Pierre Park, set in 45 acres oflandscaped gardens in the outskirts of the capital. With its nine-hole golf-course, indoor swimming pool, sauna and steam room, it offers everything the overworked businessman needs. It also houses the superb Victor Hugi restaurant, which is worth visiting for its seafood dishes. The restaurant is named after the great French writer who lived in exile on Guernsey for 15 years until 1870, during which time he wrote many major works, including "Les Miserables".
If the weather is fine - and it is usually several degrees warmer than the rest of the UK - one must take a walk along the south coast cliffs. With dramatic views down to the sea, they are every bit as beautiful as those in South West England, especially when the spring flowers bloom.
Also a must for those wishing to find peace and quiet is a half-day trip to the nearby island of Herm. The 20-minute boat ride from St Peter Port takes you to a miniature version of Guernsey, with only 50 residents, no cars and some of the Channel Islands' best beaches. And while you are ir this Lilliputian world, make sure you visit Guernsey's Little Church, a charming building which looks like the set from a fairy-tale, decorated with shells and broken china.
Although small, Guernsey never seems crowded, despite its popularity with German tourists attracted by the recommendations of former German soldiers who stayed on the island during the war.

Adapted from Sunday Business Sunday, May 30, 1999

56. It is only worth visiting Guernsey if you have at least a week to spend there.
57. It is generally warmer in South West.England than on the Island of Guernsey.
58. While in exile on Guernsey, the author of "Les Miserables" wrote a lot of well-known books.
59. It takes half a day by boat to get back from Herm to the Island of Guernsey.
60. Tourists can only reach Guernsey's Little Church if they go on a boat trip.



1. B11. C21. A31. B
2. C12. B22. D32. B
3. B13. B23. D33. B
4. C14. A24. A34. D
5. B15. B25. C35. A
6. C16. C26. A36. C
7. A17. A27. B37. C
8. A18. D28. A38. A
9. C19. D29. C39. D, A, C, E, B
10. D20. B30. C40. C, A, E, D, B


Text 1Text 2Text 3Text 4
41. C46. C51. B56. B
42. B47. B52. C57. B
43. C48. A53. D58. A
44. A49. A54. D59. B
45. D50. C55. B60. A
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