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How Women Regularly
Have 5 or More Orgasms During Sex"

Most women can greatly increase the number and intensity of their orgasms with the sexual stimulation of the "orgasm on demand" techniques described in this short publication. Also included in this publication (and presented for free below,) are details on how to give a woman another tremendously pleasurable experience called "Swedish Breast Massage." Women almost anonymously consider this experience as or more pleasurable than oral stimulation of the breasts. If you’re a man, read this and/or get the book to increase your lovemaking skills, possibly by quite a bit. If you’re a woman, read this and/or order this publication from us or your bookstore to give to your man. If nothing else ladies, read the below to make sure you’re not missing out on something this good. You owe it to yourself! Please note that this works, as far as I know, on at least half the women that embrace it and try it.


A woman’s capacity for sexual pleasure is simply spectacular, yet of the up to 55 billion woman who have lived in the history of humankind, only a very few have experienced 5 or more orgasms regularly during sex. That plain and simply has to change especially since having such an experience for so many women doesn’t need to be that difficult.
Hi, this publication primarily discusses a little known and often easy way to help women achieve a surprisingly large number of orgasms, probably more than they’ve ever had before, and it doesn’t require drugs, surgery, hypnosis or any kind of financial expenditure. What it does require is a quality male lover (assuming it’s a heterosexual relationship) and respect by the woman for her lover.
I had a lover years ago who would only orgasm when I did. Apparently something about me having an orgasm triggered her brain to give the rest of her body the go ahead to orgasm. Certainly it wasn’t that she had physical limitations that made it such that she could only orgasm when I did. Her orgasm scenario is a good example of how very important the brain, and in particular the subconscious, is in determining when us humans have orgasms.
As we all know, some women can have more orgasms than others. Why is that? Well a great deal of it is due to subconscious decisions that the woman’s mind make. More often than not it's not due to physical limitations. This isn’t my opinion, this is well-regarded knowledge. As it turns out the subconscious mind also has a huge impact on when the male is going to have their orgasm. Don’t forget that most premature ejaculation cases are caused by psychological reasons.
In regard to the act of sex, most men tend to concentrate on a woman’s body to stimulate her sexually, which is not a bad idea of course but if you only concentrate on her body, in most cases that’s not enough. In my opinion, what most men have not taken advantage of near enough in providing sexual pleasure to women is direct sexual stimulation/manipulation of her mind, and because of this, the number of orgasms women are having may have suffered terribly.
Well here it is folks, and I swear it’s works on most women that embrace it.
We all know that there’s a natural tendency by women to be submissive during sexual activity. As we know, men usually lead and make most of the decisions regarding how the actual physical act of lovemaking occurs. As an example, men tend to more often decide:
The fact is the emotional state of mind that most women have during sexual activity, even if it's well prior to their orgasm, often is to act in a submissive manner to her lover. Well the bottom line is that in this sexually aroused state, it’s normal for her subconscious mind to be more susceptible to suggestions regarding sex. If she respects her lover, if he’s doing a good job as a lover, if she’s appropriately aroused and if she’s told with confidence by her lover to cum---a great many women will, believe it or not, cum right then and there, or quite soon afterwards. In addition, if she’ll do this (“cum on demand,”) she’ll often do it again and again during that same period of lovemaking. Please believe me. I have done this with a number of women and know of women who have had this done to them by other lovers. This is because she is no longer making the subconscious decision as to when she is going to have her orgasms. She has yielded that responsibility to her lover and her subconscious mind fully accepts his authority in the matter.
Okay so instead of indirectly stimulating the woman’s mind to increase her arousal (through foreplay, kissing, caressing, intercourse, saying sexy, sweet things, gifts, etc..) what we’re discussing here is going directly to the source of much of her sexual stimulation and that’s her subconscious mind. You won’t believe how well this can work. Frankly ladies you may be frustrated that you are now just finding out about it. Remember ladies your subconscious mind doesn’t usually care who tells it to cum; it can be your own mind giving the order or it can be your man. As a woman you just have to be in the right frame of mind to let it happen.
Having given a number of women this experience for the first time, I have seen that it effects women in various ways. One lady jumped out of bed and had to stop having sex, as the sudden number of orgasms she was having seemed too much of a shock for her. One didn’t know what to say and had a silly grin on her face for quite a while. One went to sleep, even though we weren’t through. Ladies, if you haven’t yet experienced it, I wonder what your reaction is going to be?


In this day and age, mention or insinuate the “s” word (submissive) to women and watch out! Please note however that when I’m indicating the need for the lady to be sexually submissive I’m not talking about her needing to be submissive in life, just sex and even then being fully submissive is not necessary. The kind of direct sexual stimulation of the subconscious that we’re discussing in this publication works equally well with a woman who’s a manager and/or gives orders all day, as it does with women who are the opposite. Again, we’re basically talking about attitudes during and to a lesser extent leading up to the actual act of sex.
Now there are a number of ways for a man to display the 'subtle sexual dominance' necessary for the woman’s subconscious to adequately respect him so she’ll orgasm when he tells her to. Remember ladies, if your subconscious innately respects your lover, it will be much easier for your subconscious to accept his authority when he orders you to cum.
The subtle sexual dominance I’m speaking of can be accomplished in various ways though the best subtle sexual domination games probably will be the ones each couple makes up. So be creative and spend some time on it, particularly you guys. Your reward is potentially giving your woman great sex and all the benefits that go with it. Ladies please make sure your lover knows if you have an idea or preference. Remember guys, the best time to make and/or do the subtle sexual suggestions and activities listed below (and that which you make up) is often when your woman is feeling the most relaxed, aroused and romantic.
Some suggestions are:

Here’s some things guys you can say (or versions of them) when you’re making love and as you’re firmly telling her to cum:

Might I just add gentleman that talking sexy to your woman while she is in the throngs of passion, particularly during intercourse, is something that’s apparently not done enough, and for our purposes it’s a very good idea.
Remember guys you need to mean it when you say this stuff and she needs to take you seriously. Be confident and convincing in your tone of voice but of course always tender. Don’t be surprised however if, especially when first introduced to all this, her first response is to laugh and/or for the whole thing not to work period. Be persistent guys, for both your sakes. In many cases she’ll be very glad you did.
Now some women will read ideas in this publication and feel at least some of it takes away from their dignity. If so, guys work it out with your woman or please avoid those suggestions and concentrate on others, including ideas you and your lover make up. However guys remember, all your subtle and less subtle sexual domination games are strictly consensual. Never be abusive. If your lover won’t accept something concerning these games then you can’t do it. It’s that simple.
Now what about you ladies who have never had orgasms or have difficulty having orgasms? Well there are no guarantees with any sexual enhancement method but remember the reason a woman can’t have an orgasm, or has difficulty achieving an orgasm, is generally not due to physical limitations. It’s something in her mind, often her subconscious. So with the method of sexual enhancement we’re discussing, it would seem logical that because her lover now decides when her orgasm is to occur, not the part of her brain that has been causing her difficulty experiencing orgasms, she could very probably see an improvement in her orgasm capabilities. The fact is ladies, while it could take longer for women with orgasm related frustrations to achieve 5 or more orgasms regularly, it can work. I am speaking from experience. And guys if you give a lady her first orgasm, multiple orgasms or first orgasm from intercourse, she’ll be very grateful.
Ladies don’t be let down if you don’t achieve immediate success, but to be quite honest, don’t be surprised if you do. Again, a good deal of how quickly you’ll succeed with this may be determined by how naturally submissive you are and/or how submissive you are in sexual interactions with your man. However when it starts working (assuming it does,) ladies you’ll get greedy for orgasms and also for more intense and longer ones. Hopefully your lover will get excited about it all and get greedy himself, getting off on your mounting pleasure. He should want you to steadily progressive to more orgasms and/or longer orgasms and/or more intense orgasms.
Guys, perhaps you’re wondering when exactly is the best time to tell your lover to cum. What signs do you look for? First off, it’s different with different women of course so whatever I say here is very generalized. The general rule of thumb guys is to wait until she’s between an eighth to 3/4 of the way to orgasm. Of course if this is new to her, you’ll probably want to let her get closer to an orgasm than if she was a veteran at this. With time you can progressively lessen how close to orgasm she needs to be when you tell her to cum. Admittedly there are those women who can literally “cum on demand” anywhere or anytime, without sexual stimulation, but that’s an extreme thing, not something that we should expect any woman to ever be able to do.



Sex toys are a great blessing of the modern age. Guys, assuming your budget can handle it, I’m firmly of the opinion that you can’t have enough of them. Of course many guys primarily rely on intercourse for sexual gratification of their lady, and as we know, it’s usually the best way to satisfy womankind sexually; still it can be relied on too much. In my opinion, intercourse, unless there is a rush, should not often take up more than 60% of sex (no matter how big your manhood is guys.) Toys can work wonders in making your lady have orgasms and/or preparing her for them. Don’t forget guys, here too you can tell her to cum at the appropriate time just as you do during intercourse (though it might not be as easy for her to orgasm now as compared to during intercourse.)
A favorite by many women is the little vibrating “bullet.” It’s up to an inch thick, 2-3 inches long, cylinder shaped with rounded ends. The smaller size ones can be especially appreciated by women. And always keep extra batteries by the bed! Make sure to clean the toys off after each use. Many use rubbing alcohol for that purpose.


Comparatively, not as many women have experienced the Grafenberg spot (G-spot) vibrator or manual G-spot manipulation. Guys, if you really want to impress her, search for and discover where her G-spot is. Remember though that G-spot response varies from woman to woman, and some may find it unpleasant or simply not special.
The Grafenberg spot (G-spot) is an area on the front wall of the vagina, between the opening and cervix, that is often found to be extremely sensitive to stimulation. It’s thought that the G-spot is either (1) a bundle of nerves coming from the clitoris, or (2) a gland or series of glands that produces lubrication. It’s thought to be perhaps analogous to the prostate gland in men.
To look for the G-spot, insert one or two fingers in the vagina with your palm facing the pubic bone. Gently bend your fingers 'forward' so that they stroke the front wall (thus the upper wall if she’s laying on her back) of her vagina. You may feel a raised spot or series of ridges, or you may feel nothing in particular. The woman may find this extremely pleasurable, or have an urge to urinate, or both. Stroking this spot with varying degrees of pressure will most likely tell the woman if she’s got a G-spot or not.


Guys, an easy, cheap way to delay ejaculation for those special occasions is:

I am familiar with several guys who very successfully used the anti-hemorrhoidal and anesthetic ointment NUPERCAINAL for the above purposes. It’s an over-the-counter medicine and readily available at many drug stores. I suggest however that you only put a little on, particularly on the underside of the tip of the penis. It will be absorbed by the skin after a while. Guys you’ll have to test it yourself to see the best amount for you. Please note this disclaimer. I do not know if there are any side effects to it’s use and though I know of nobody having a problem with it, it’s possible. Contact a physician before using it or doing something like it. Sorry but I don’t want to risk getting in deep do-do with the American Medical Association or any other official organization.


If a woman respects a man enough to have sex with him, she often has enough respect for him, or could develop enough sexual respect for him, to have orgasms when he tells her to. Exceptions could include if there is notable tension in the relationship and/or in her life.
Again, if what we’re talking about in this book doesn’t work to start out with, keep trying, though not necessarily everytime you two have sex. Chances are good that it will eventually work for you. If it doesn’t work for you as a member of a couple, remember this for when you two are separated and with other partners, should that ever occur.
Guys, if you don’t last that long in terms of being hard, and/or if she needs more intercourse than other women to reach orgasm, may I suggest spending more time preparing her for intercourse. Use toys more, play with her breasts so much that perhaps she’ll beg you to enter her. Of course this means spending more time with different sexual activities, something that many men don’t have the time, energy or interest in doing.
Another thing, not that you don’t know this, but may I suggest finding your sexual fantasy and hopefully your partner will enjoy it or at least join you in it (assuming it isn’t too weird.)
I hope you don’t mind the short and to the point nature of this publication. My name is Phil Gur. Thank you for reading this.
**In case anybody’s wondering, “Amante” is one way to say “lover” in Italian. It was only used in the title of this publication to make it more catchy (hopefully.)
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