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Questions 31 - 40

Look at the following messages and notices.

For questions 31 - 40, choose the sentence below that is correct.

Mark one letter A, B or C on your Answer Sheet for the sentence you choose.



 A The contents should be kept at a constant temperature.
CorrectB The contents are sensitive to heat and light.
 C The contents must be kept frozen.


... See enclosed brochure for details and levels of compensation.

 A You should write to us for details about compensation.
 B Details about compensation are given in a separate document.
 C You will find more information on compensation on the next page.


AIR EUROPE. Smoking regulations: All Air Europe flights have smoking and non-smoking areas. Please do not smoke in non-smoking areas or in the aisles or toilets.

You are allowed to smoke

 A on some Air Europe flights only.
 B in some parts of the plane only.
 C in the aisles or in the toilets.


Here are some details of the marketing seminar I told you about. I shant be able to go myself that day. Let me know if you think its wofthwhile sending someone else from this division.


 A Paul doesnt want to send anyone to the seminar.
 B Paul wants you to represent your division at the seminar..
 C Paul wants your opinion about whether someone should go to the seminar.


We have some visitors from Taiwan in the office all next week. Im going to spend some time with them first thing on Tuesday mofning. Can I bring them to meet you briefly some time aftef 10?


 A Mary wants to introduce you to some visitors next Tuesday morning.
 B Mary wants you to arrange a meeting with some visitors to the office.
 C Mary wants you to attend a meeting first thing on Tuesday morning.



You will find a warm welcome in our shops, where we aim to stock all the items in this catalogue and many more.

 A The same choice of goods is available from the catalogue and in the shops.
 B The catalogue includes goods which are not on sale in the shops.
 C The shops offer a bigger range of goods than the catalogue.


The F&B GroupProfit Analysis

property - 5%

casinos - 40%

mail order catalogue - 10%

hotels - 45%

 A F&B makes most of its profit out of casinos and property.
 B F&B relies on casinos and hotels for the greater part of its profit.
 C Its mail order catalogue and casinos are F&Bs big profit-makers.



Inter-Office Memo

 From: Philip Jones

To: Mike Williams

 Subject: Finance meeting, 10 a.m., Friday June 8

I am free at 10.00 on Friday, but only for about an hour. Could we have the finance meeting in the afternoon, if possible? Theres a lot to discuss. Im free from 2 oclock. If we can begin then it would give us the whole afternoon.

 A Can you cancel the 10 oclock meeting on Friday?
 B Can you reschedule the finance meeting for 2 oclock?
 C Can you make the meeting on Friday morning shorter?


 A Sales within the European Union increased in the fourth quarter.
 B International sales remained constant throughout the year.
 C Domestic sales collapsed in the second quarter of the year.



Storage Units - from $100 each

SAPELE or TEAK melamine wood effect finish.

Also black ash, light oak or white - add 10% to price.

For grey add 1 7% to price.

 A You pay more for teak units than for white ones.
 B You pay the same for grey or black ash units.
 C You pay less for white units than you do for grey.


Symtex Company Results

Sales Target Sales This Year Sales Last Year
7,000 7,200 6,700
 A This years sales figures were not as good as last years.
 B Last years sales figures did not reach the sales target.
 C This years sales failed to reach the sales target.



Questions 41 -47

Read these sentences and the job advertisements on the next page.

Which job does each sentence 41 - 47 refer to?

For each sentence, mark one letter A, B, C or D on your Answer Sheet.


41. You need to have experience of working with newspapers.

42. You have to be able to use a computer.

43. The job will involve providing senior staff with data.

44. You should have successful sales experience with leading companies.

45. You need to be able to get the best out of people who work for you.

46. Your earnings will depend on how much you sell.

47. You need to show you are suitable for early promotion.



Financial Analyst


$2O-25,OOO + benefits

As a young and enthusiastic finalist/newly qualified, you should demonstrate the potential to progress quickly within the company and to develop an excellent understanding of the commercial needs of the business. With an analytical approach and strong communication skills, you will provide support on purchase price variances, prepare financial reports for the European Head Office and undertake ad hoc projects.


Executive Director

The Womens Environment Network (WEN) is looking for a highly motivated, inspiring woman to lead one of Britains most successful environmental campaigning and information organisations.

Experience required includes management and organisational skills, media, writing and editing experience and a knowledge of the environment and/or womens movement. You will need to run campaigns and motivate a team of about 30 volunteers and paid staff.




representing leading travel company to companies and multinationals in the UK. Applicants are expected to be able to display word-processing skills and familiarity with database software. Basic salary, excellent commission and company car. We have a full-scale London office.



Office Equipment

Sales Staff

New Business

Sales people

Required by successful office equipment supplier to develop business in Europe. Must have proven ability to sell at senior levels in top companies. The successful applicant will be fluent in at least one foreign language.



Questions 48 - 55

Read this text about a sales campaign and answer questions 48 - 55 on the opposite page.



24 June 1996

Dear Mr Lee

Re: Instant Spicy Noodles - Sales Campaign

Thank you for your fax, received yesterday, about your ideas for changes to our autumn Sales Campaign. I have considered them carefully and would like to make the following comments, detailed below:

I. As you know, our company has a reputation for good and simple business practice, which has been built up over many years. It seems to me, therefore, that our existing customers would be confused by a change in our discount method. I believe it would be preferable to keep the present system (i.e. discount for multiples of 50 and above). However, I am open to further ideas on this, if you think it would substantially increase the wholesale sales.

2. I like your comments about sales promotion, in particular those for shop display. Our company has an excellent printer who will certainly be able to turn your ideas into good display materials. However, I hope that the cost will not be higher than the estimated cost in the budget. We are aiming to keep our profit margins as high as possible to pay for the new equipment required for the new product. Would it be possible for you to prepare a detailed costing analysis (in consultation with the printers) for further study?

3. Concerning your ideas about a new range of products, I agree entirely with your ideas about finding out market reaction as quickly as possible. I feel sure there will be great enthusiasm, in the beginning, when we hope to establish our product on the market. I recommend that we analyse its level of success in the market within three months of the product launch, to see if it has made a significant impression. After that we can review the campaign in the light of those results. We can also discuss any possible changes to the product at that time.

4. To come to the last point raised in your fax: in my opinion the existing workforce is quite capable of handling the campaign. All the sales employees are aware of the amount of work needed to reach the sales targets. At this late stage I do not wish to increase the workforce. Again, the costs of such a move would upset the budget estimates for the campaign.

Once again, thank you for your comments - they are most helpful. I would be very grateful for any further comments you may have on this letter, but would ask that I receive them before the Final Planning Meeting on Friday 10th.

Yours sincerely

Kim Matsuzake, Head of Sales.


Questions 48 - 51

For questions 48- 51, choose the best title for each paragraph from the box below.

For each numbered paragraph 1 - 4, write one letter A - G on your Answer Sheet.





Paragraph 1 ......

Paragraph 2 ......

Paragraph 3 ......

Paragraph 4 ......

A Late Payment
B Staff Levels
C Advertising
D Pricing Policy
E Product Development
F Training Programmes
G Future Investment

Questions 52 - 55

For questions 52 - 55, complete each sentence with the best phrase from the box below.

Write one letter A - G on your Answer Sheet.

52. There is no need for an increase in ...... .

53. The new product must provide finance for ...... .

54. How the product will be developed will depend on ...... .

55. Buyers do not want a change in ...... .

A customers

B personnel

C pricing policy

D market research

E machinery

F sales campaign

G publicity




Questions 56 - 70

Read this letter about buying a computer.

Choose the best word to fill each space from the words on the opposite page.

For each question 56 - 70, mark one letter A, B, C or D on your Answer Sheet.


1 April 1996

Dear Mike

I have pleasure in confirming our ability to meet your requirements for the Silicon Graphics workstation. In view of your special needs, I suggest that you place your ......example...... for the agreed equipment as soon as possible. The ......(56)...... time for hardware for example is 6 weeks from receipt of order to ......(57)...... Thus, an order placed with us tomorrow will ......(58)...... delivery to your site by the week commencing Monday, 15th May.

All orders must be accompanied by a ......(59)...... of 20% of the total amount shown on the attached ......(60)...... .The ......(61)...... amount should be paid no later than one week following delivery. Please note that ......(62)...... charges have not been included, and a separate invoice covering these charges will be ......(63)...... at the time of delivery.

As I ......(64)...... you on the phone, this particular hardware runs the ......(65)...... version of EUCLID-IS, 2.2b. However, it is not expected that this software will be ......(66)...... in this country until next month.

We have every ......(67)...... in the suitability of our hardware for such software. Moreover, you can be assured of our ......(68)...... to solve any minor difficulties through our experienced customer service team.

As I informed you, the equipment carries a one-year .......(69)...... During this period, we undertake to send one of our staff to carry out repairs on site within a period of 12 hours. For your future ......(70)...... , however, we also operate an insurance scheme, covering the equipment against breakdowns for a small additional cost.

Yours sincerely

Vincent Law



A requirementB instructionC demandD order


56.A deliveryB arrivalC transport D postage
57.A institutionB initiationC introductionD installation
58.A compelB ensureC promiseD maintain
59.A portionB percentage C depositD discount
60.A chequeB invoiceC chargeD demand
61.A payableB creditedC owingD outstanding
62.A transportationB transferenceC transformationD transmission
63.A writtenB conveyed C issuedD distributed
64.A affirmedB confirmed C certifiedD assured
65.A latterB latestC lastD late
66.A serviceableB availableC workableD presentable
67.A confidenceB certaintyC dependenceD conviction
68.A skillB facilityC abilityD talent
69.A undertakingB guaranteeC insuranceD obligation
70.A noticeB concernC awarenessD reference



Questions 71 -80

Read the text below and think of the word which best fits each space.

Write only one word in each space at the end of the line.

Write the word on your answer sheet.





Marias Miracle

Maria Wilson is the now famous Managing Director of Beauty Boutique International plc, one of ......(0)...... worlds beauty product chains.

The daughter of Spanish immigrants, she ......(71)...... born and educated in Britain. Her first job was ......(72)...... geography at a local secondary school ......(73)...... she enjoyed it, she reallly wanted to travel and took a job with the United Nations in Paris, then in Geneva. During this time, she developed an interest ......(74)...... local beauty customs.

She also ......(75)...... married in 1969, She and ......(76)...... husband returned to England where they tried to start an advertising agency, but with ......(77)...... success. She opened her first Beauty Boutique in 1976 and it was ......(78)...... popular that she opened five more shops in 3 years.

......(79)...... then business has developed at an amazing rate, and the chain of Beauty Boutiques (80) now expanding all over the world.



Questions 81 - 90

Your secretary has given you this letter for checking.

In some lines there is one wrong word.

If there is a wrong word, write the correct word on your answer sheet.

If there is no mistake, put a tick ("/) on your answer sheet.


One of the items you ordered from our catalogue0"/
is temporary out of stock.00temporarily


81.Dear Mr Rose,

It was a pleasure to meet you the other day. I was very grateful

82.that you were able to find come times in your busy scedule to visit us.
83.I thought it shouId be helpful if I put on paper some of the points we
84.agreed on with our meeting and indicated some of the action points.
85.We agreed that my company would act as your agent on northern
86.Europe. As your agent, we will operate on a commission basis. We will
87.charge at the rate of 20% for sales up to 2 million ECU. On sales above
88.such figure we will charge commission on a sliding scale up to a maximum
89.rate of 25%. Please confirming that this is an accurate record of our
90.meeting. Once I have heard from you we shall draw out a draft contract and send you a copy.


Sample Paper.

. .
., -, ,46.

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